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Woodworking Plans How to Update Concrete Floors for a Rustic Look. Inside: How to lay a wood plank subfloor over a concrete basement slab; explains how ...

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Riverstone veneer, keystone arches, and three stories of living space (if you include the daylight basement) comprise more than 5,000 square feet in this sumptuous estate home. Its large, bright two-story family room is partially open to the nook/kitchen and linked to a large covered deck. The luxurious owners’ suite fills an entire wing.

Tudor House Plan - Addison the 1 last update 2020/08/06 30-795 - Front ElevationTudor House Plan - Addison 30-795 - Front Elevation

Luxury House Plan - Addison 30-795 - Rear Elevation

Classic House Plan - Addison 30-795 - Left Elevation

Classic House Plan - Addison 30-795 - Right Elevation

Tudor for 1 last update 2020/08/06 House Plan - Addison 30-795 - 1st Floor PlanTudor House Plan - Addison 30-795 - 1st Floor Plan

Tudor House Plan - Addison 30-795 - 2nd Floor Plan

Tudor Home Plan - Addison 30-795 - Daylight Basement

The Addison: A Sumptuous Estate Home

Riverstone veneer, keystone arches, and the Addison's three stories of living space (if you include the daylight basement) comprise more than 5,000 square feet. It is a truly sumptuous estate home.

Stepping through the lofty entry arch, you pass into a two-story foyer, naturally brightened by the high arched window over the door. A wide opening on the right leads into an elegant tray-ceilinged living room. The matching opening on the left flows into a stepped-ceiling dining room. A built-in buffet with a small sink is just across the hall.

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Moving straight ahead, under an inner balcony, brings you to the largest, brightest room of all—a family room with a two-story ceiling. Sliding glass doors open onto a spacious, fully covered rear deck. A fireplace and home entertainment center anchors one end of the family room, which flows into the nook and gourmet kitchen on the opposite side.

Counters wrap around most of the kitchen, and there's more counter/work space on the central work island. An eating bar rims one side of it, and a roomy pantry is just around the corner. Basement and second floor stairs feed off of the kitchen. Laundry appliances are nearby, as is direct garage access.

The Addison's luxurious owners' suite fills an entire wing. Along with a huge walk-in closet, it boasts a large bathroom with curving lines, a spa tub, two basins, and a private toilet. Two more bedrooms, one of them ideal for a guest suite, are upstairs, as is a large bonus room. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. Doors in both bedrooms also open out onto a large covered veranda, great for relaxing in summer or enjoying the night air.

Plan Specs

  • 5471 sq ft
  • 2663 sq ft
  • 1638 sq ft
  • 1170 sq ft
  • 655 sq ft
  • 530 sq ft
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