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Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and protected from the elements, earthen shelters—or hobbit houses—aren''s famous house in the Shire, earth sheltering was around long before we first heard about Frodo and the Ring, and its environmental benefits are especially appealing today. 


  • Chinese Yaodong


    Typical to Northern China, this style of carving houses into the hillside, called yaodong, dates back to the second millennium BC and is still employed today. Since any change in the temperature of the dense earth occurs very slowly between seasons, earth shelters such as these remain temperate year-round.


  • Tunisian Ground Dwellings


    While no one knows exactly when the tiny underground Tunisian village of Matmata was formed, it found international fame in 1976 when its Hotel Sidi Driss was chosen as a filming location for Star Wars. (In the film, the hotel appeared as Luke Skywalker''http://wikimedia.org''s insulation. While similar constructions in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Greenland were only built by those who couldn''http://inkandwit.blog''http://spot.com''http://wikipedia.org''http://heritageinstitute.com''http://australiantraveller.com''t know who built it, but we do know it wouldn''http://imgur.''imgur.''_blank''http://mymodernmet.com''s so integrated into the mountain terrain, a passerby might not even know he''s home!

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  • The Hobbit House in the Cotswolds


    While it is completely above-ground, the fantastical construction of this sheep shed in the Cotswolds, England, has earned it the local nickname "". Built without permission by a local artist, the sprawling construction took nearly ten years to build. Abandoned in the 1990s, it''http://derelictplaces.co''http://.uk''http://inthralld.com''http://greenbuildingelements.com''re interested in more on alternative homes, consider: 

    The Container House

    Pocket Neighborhoods

    Kit Houses

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